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Many people may experience the dark circles under their eyes due to the insufficient rest. Your eyes can get tired if you spend too many hours in front of a television or at the computer. However, dark circles, puffy and tired eyes may also appear due to some other causes.


There is a variety of causes of dark circles and puffy eyes. You may catch yourself rubbing your eyes due to some eye infection or because you feel like sleeping. Rubbing makes your eyes swell and irritated even more. One of the most common causes of puffiness, dark circles and eyestrain is depression and stress, which means that avoiding stressful situations may prevent you from having dark circles. As we have said, various infections but also allergies may cause the redness of the eyes, which is followed by the puffy eyes and dark circles. As the years go by, the skin under the eyes starts thinning, which is one more reason of appearing dark circles under the eyes. Insufficient amount of vitamins and especially iron is what may cause dark circles under eyes as well. Excessive intake of alcohol may lead you to have bags under eyes, which is followed by stressed and red eyes, and sometimes the swelling of the eyelids may also be one of the symptoms of alcoholism. One more cause of the appearance of the tired eyes and dark circles is the lack of water in your body. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water per day to prevent yourself from having puffy eyes, dark circles, tired eyes and under eye wrinkles.


You can use home remedies or seek medical help for treating the swollen eyelids, dark circles, and puffy eyes. As we have mentioned, it is essential that you sleep enough. By having a good sleep over night, you will prevent yourself from having puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning. Another very important advice is drinking a lot of water, which is around 2 liters a day. Dehydration can cause dark circles under the eyes, but it can also cause other much serious conditions. Try to relax more and avoid stressful situations. You can start exercising on a daily basis to reduce stress that can lead to appearing of the puffy eyes and dark circles. If you have strained your eyes, try to relax, apply cucumber slices on the eyes and leave them for about 15 to 30 minutes. You can also try using a cotton swab dipped in the mixture of rose water and fresh cucumber juice and compress it over your eyes once or twice a day. Massages, cold chamomile tea bags and foods rich in iron can help you reduce the puffiness and dark circles.

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