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The pimples are actually the closed type of the acne and they are very common aesthetic problem that attacks almost everyone. The biggest problem is that they are very annoying and they tend to provoke the affected person to pop them out, which may lead to the satisfying feeling, but which, in the same time, causes the harmful effect. That is, the usual consequences of extracting the pimples are the apparition of the scars or the stains-like spots of the different color (i.e. darker) from the skin.

Those spots and pimples usually become evident after the sweating and after the increased intake of the foods that are rich in fat. So, the best way to treat them is by the use of the natural homemade remedies which should be applied directly onto the affected areas, such as ointments pastes (masks), creams, solutions and so on.The benefits of the homemade remedies

The most effective remedies, that is, the ones that successfully remove the pimples and their ugly consequences, are the following: the radish juice in curd, the squeezed juice from cucumber, the onion juice mixed with honey, the mixture of castor oil and flour, the extra virgin olive oil, and so on.

At this point, it is important to point out that the individuals who suffer from both, the dark spots and the pimples, suffer from the problems which are usually caused by the digestive problems, such as the constipation. So, having in mind that, by attacking the cause, the problem is solved the best and the healthiest way possible, it is recommendable to deal with the constipation first of all, by changing the eating habits and by introducing some workouts into the new lifestyle.

Some beneficial remedies, in this case, are the sprouted gram, raisins, the marmalade from avala, the mixture of Moolhati and Triphala, eating the raw fruits and vegetables rich in the A, E and C vitamins, and it is good to stay away from the ice creams, pastas, fast foods and sweets.

Of course, there are a lot of the well-known pimple removers (such as the oils from sandal and olive; basil, honey, almond, black pepper, banana, guava and lemon), but, maybe the best thing is to make the remedies which provide some more benefits to the skin, such as the overall softness. Those are the mask based on the milk and the squeezed lemon, which should be cooked until it becomes dense; the mask of the wet leaves of fenugreek, or the tonic made of rogan badam, glycerin and the juice from lemon.

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