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Acne Problem

Red pimples on the cheeks are maybe the worst thing that can happen to this area of the face and we know how difficult they are to treat. Even after the acne vulgaris treatment, red flush may remain and stay for the whole next year after the healing process ends. Picking of the acne is the reason for this, due to the irritation and scarring caused by this activity. Medications, bacterial antibiotics and topical creams are used for the treatment of this problem, but there are some remedies that can be used as well.

Treatment with Remedies

Toothpaste is one of the successful remedies for acne treatment, and it needs to be applied during the night in order to reduce the redness by morning. Remember to wash the toothpaste in the morning with warm water. Also, you can put cloth with ice cubes in it on the blemishes and this will help with the redness as well. Keep the cloth for ten minutes and never press too much since the pus can break out from the pustule. Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride eye drops can be used for the redness or during the night, you can use fresh mint. Acnes can be decreased and the pores tightened up with the help of the tomato and cucumber juice. Both have to stay for 20 minutes after which lukewarm water should be used to rinse the juice off. You can also rub a slice of tomato or cucumber if you do not have the juice. From time to time, you can rub garlic on the affected area and this will reduce inflammation and redness. Mixture of rose water and lemon juice needs to be put on the acne for 20 minutes and then washed off. If you do this for 15 days the redness will decrease. Redness can be decreased with the help of the mix of groundnut oil and fresh lime juice, mashed papaya or grated potatoes. Acne can be removed with the mask made from the salt and vinegar, which needs to be applied for 30 minutes after which lukewarm water needs to be used for rinsing of the face. Gentle exfoliation pack will do wonders for the cleansing of the face and this will make the pores tight, while the dirt, sebum and dead cells will be removed. There is a chance these remedies prove inefficient and in these situations, you need to use bacterial antibiotics and ointments. See a doctor who will help you, but the most common way of treatment is with salicylic acid, which you should never use it without the doctor's approval.

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