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Acne scars show up if pimples are touched, scratched and not taken care of properly on your face. If one has many acne scares and if they are deep, the best solution is to visit physician who will then offer a whole range of effective treatments. If the scarring is mild, home remedies can help.

In order to prevent pimples and thus scars to even appear on the skin one should drink lots of water to keep body hydrated and to help remove old cells from the skin. One should have proper diet with lots of fruit and vegetables (they are full of vitamins and will keep one’s skin healthy), tofu, chicken, soy and fish (food rich in protein is also good for skin). One should have a healthy life style, with lots of exercising and lots of relaxation. One should spend much time outside in fresh and pure air.

However, if one already has acne scarring the following natural remedies can help. One thing to do is increase the consumption of lemon juice since citric acid from it will help recover scarring. One can rub rosehip seed oil into problematic areas of skin two times every day. This proved very effective. One can drink aloe vera juice and also apply aloe vera gel every day on the skin to keep it in good condition and also to get rid of scarring. Tomato ( the secret is in vitamin A and antioxidants ) stops the overproduction of sebum that causes acne and thus potential scarring. If it is applied on the already existing scars it can cure them too. Olive oil is great for moisturizing skin. One can massage their scarring with this natural and healthy product daily. Honey should be consumed every day and it can be also applied on scars. Lavander oil is another good option for massaging acne scars. One can make a paste of rose water and sandalwood and carefully put it on their pimple scarring. The paste can be left during whole night and it needs to be washed off the next morning. This remedy in combination with other mentioned remedies proved really useful in treating acne scars. In order to stop inflammation of skin one can wrap ice cubes in cloth and put them on the affected areas. One can repeat this procedure few times daily but they should not keep ice too long on the skin. A good mask that will help one’s skin look prettier is made of a combination of sour cream, oatmeal, yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice. One should apply the mask on acne marks and leave it for 10 minutes. One should rinse it afterwards. One can make a paste which contains a mixture of garlic cloves, carrot juice, honey and Multani Mitti powder. This paste is then put on the scars. It should be left for 20 minutes and then should be washed off. This will remove redness and swelling that pimples created.

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