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Natural Methods for Clear SkinThere are many products that can be bought to deal with acne, but sometimes people do not want to deal with the chemicals that come along with such products or the other harmful substances that might make sensitive skin even worse.

When people are looking for an alternative to store-bought remedies, they often turn to natural homemade ones.

These recipes are great because they are easily available and very safe. Most of the ingredients needed for creating great skincare remedies can be found in any kitchen.

For example, just take some crushed garlic and smear the juice on the pimples. Since the garlic has many great antibacterial properties, the pimple will not get infected and there will be no potential scarring from the pimple occurring.


Poultices that are made from completely natural products are also excellent for getting rid of acne and can be applied directly to the pimples and then washed off after about 30 minutes. A poultice is made from lemon juice and cinnamon and has a cleansing and revitalizing effect. There is also one that is made of ground sesame seeds and water, which is great for reducing inflammation and swelling of the pimples.

There are many easy ways to create great topical creams to combat acne naturally as well. A natural antibiotic called colloidal silver can be applied to blemishes on the back, arms and legs, though it is not recommended for the face.

Other great natural antibiotics are lavender oil, parsley and mint. Wine can also be used to make a homemade acne remedy by soaking a cotton ball in wine and then applying it to the skin in order to prevent further flare-ups and infections. If a person is light skinned, then they should use white wine, but is they have dark skin, they should be using red wine for this remedy.Masks

Masks for combating acne can also be made from natural products found around the house. A paste can be made by mixing honey, tomato juice and camphor lotion in order to remove spots that result from acne. An apple and honey mask can also be used to treat acne and help people who have a problem with oily skin.

Above all, it is important to clean the skin fully very regularly, at least twice a day with soap. And it is also important not to touch acne with dirty hands and to avoid picking at pimples because it will only cause further inflammation and problems.

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