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There is an amount of the dead skin cells that are peeled off every day. But if that segregation of the dead skin on the scalp becomes excessive for some reason, it is treated as a disorder. This condition is called dandruff, or scientifically, Pityriasis simplex capillitii. It looks unattractive, and it can be seen either, as very small or very large, greasy and yellowish parts of dead skin. Besides the problem of looking ugly and untidy, it affects the hair’s root and debilitates it gradually.

This disorder can be caused by a lot of different things, including the stress. So, changing the lifestyle and trying to provide enough time to rest will surely help.

Luckily, as far as the treatment is concerned, this condition can be cured with the homemade mixtures and remedies, which are, it turns out, equally effective as the pharmaceutical products.

One of the most beneficial fruits for the scalp and hair problems in general is lemon. It is good to simply squeeze it and apply its juice onto the affected area. The combination of the lemon juice and the coconut oil can be used for the massages of the scalp, if the dandruff isn’t greasy itself. But, if it is, multani mitti should be used in the treatment.

The solution of the soap nut, also called reetha, is very beneficial for elimination of the dandruff, too. It should be held in water during one night and then left on the scalp for fifteen minutes. After that, it should be rinsed thoroughly, which is a must in solving the dandruff problem.

Also, there is another recommendable solution, and it is the one of the cosmetic vinegar (of course, diluted in water). This mixture should be applied onto the scalp, left there overnight, and washed out in the morning.

One could make some pastes, too. The most popular are the one which has the sesame seeds as the main ingredient, and the other, which is made of the seeds of fenugreek and Bengal gram (that should be boiled firstly).

Anyway, the most popular and very available homemade remedies for dandruff are certainly the one with the dried rosemary and the one with the softened Fenugrek seeds. Along with all the mentioned natural ways of treating dandruff, it is good to mention that it is recommendable to avoid stress and to eat raw fruits and vegetables.

And finally, when we talk about the shampoos, the more beneficial for the scalp are the ones of the herbal basis, of course. But the main characteristic of dandruff is its persistence, and when that is the case, the dermatologist should be consulted.

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