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Nowadays, when a lot of people are seeking the healthier cosmetic choices, turning to herbal cosmetics and homemade beauty recipes may be one of the greatest choices. Many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in everyday personal care products. However, cosmetic is important to build self-confidence, to have self-esteem and preserve a natural beauty. Homemade cosmetics may be the only way to avoid chemical ingredients from the beauty products while keeping the skin healthy, radiant and glowing. These old-fashioned beauty recipes were once used by our grannies, back in the days when there were no industrial chemical products. This means that a lot of the homemade beauty recipes are proven to work and absolutely preservative free. Another great advantage is that they are less expensive, and commonly made of ingredients found in the kitchen.
People with sensitive skin may especially benefit from natural cosmetic, since harsh chemicals mostly affect their skin. Here are some, easy to made, home beauty recipes to make the sensitive skin clear, soft and smooth.
Tonic for sensitive skin
The best natural tonic for sensitive skin is made by rubbing the slices of watermelon on the face. The juice from the fruit will cool down the skin and completely refresh it. One should keep the juice on the face at least 15 minutes before washing it down with lukewarm water or chamomile tea.
A nice natural tonic is made by boiling the skin of an orange in water. The water in which the orange was boiled will refresh the skin and remove any blemishes.
Mask for sensitive skin
A great natural refreshing mask is prepared by mixing a teaspoon of fresh cucumber juice with a couple of drops of limejuice. A little turmeric powder is added for better composition. The mask is applied on the face and neck, and left to work for half an hour.
One can easily enjoy a rich nourishing mask by taking a tablespoon of mashed papaya and applying it on the face and neck for a couple of minutes. Not only that skin will become soft and smooth, but also this mask will make the pimples go away faster.
Natural make-up remover
To make an all-natural make up remover mix equal parts of castor oil and olive oil and add half dose of grapeseed oil or coconut oil. This mixture is a great nourishing mask for extremely dry and sensitive skin, but it is equally good in removing the eye makeup. Use a warm water and cloth to completely rinse it away from the face.

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