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Why should homemade remedies be given a try?

There are numerous reasons why homemade treatment is betterthan the treatment that includes medicines and remedies that are not naturaland of organic origin. For a start, they are more affordable when it comes toprice, and they are not likely to cause side effects or some damage to theskin, which cannot be said for a number of medications. However, when trying tofight off acne with homemade remedies, it is important to bear in mind thatit might be necessary to try out more than one, because the causes of acne differfrom case to case and skin does not react in the same way.

A very important thing to know is that face has to be cleanand moisturized. While intake of water on daily basis is important for moisturizing,alcohol is very helpful in removing the dirt from face, as well as in killinggerms and bacteria that tend to cause acne and blemishes. It is enough to washthe face and rub it with a cotton ball that has been dabbed in alcohol.

Homemade remedies to fight acne off

Baking soda mask is very easy to make because only water andbaking soda are necessary. A mix of it should be applied on face after it hasbeen cleaned with a mild cleanser. The face should be rinsed after a while, andif the skin reacts well, it can be done several times a week. This paste isalso helpful in cases of bee stings.Egg white mask is made of egg white only, which should bewhipped until frothy. It should be applied on face and left for 20 minutes, andthen washed off with warm water. The skin will be tightened and clear of redspots.If egg white is mixed with witch hazel and lemon juice, themask that is made this way should be applied on face for 15 minutes.Oatmeal mask can be made by blending some oatmeal withwater. This mixture, which should look like paste, should be applied on theskin and left for 10 minutes at least.Egg yolk mask is made of whipped up egg yolk, whichshould be applied to skin and left for 20 minutes. Then it should be washedoff, and the skin, particularly the skin with scars, will benefit due to thevitamin A that egg yolk contains.

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