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Information on Homemade Face Masks

A homemade face mask is actually a specific mixture ofcertain ingredients of natural origin which are used for the preparation ofsuch mask at home. One should always prepare a face mask which suits her or histype of skin. One needs to determine the type of skin first, before indulginginto any face mask treatments. Those whose skin tends to get itchy, oily andsticky when they are exposed to sunlight actually have an oily type of skin. Anoily skin needs to be treated with a face mask comprised of ingredients whichare not based on oil. Milk creams and oil based creams in a face mask need tobe avoided. Those whose skin gets irritated and dry rather easily, especiallyin windy conditions, actually have a dry skin type. These persons need to useplenty of milk, milk cream and oil based substances in the preparation of ahomemade face mask. The persons who have a neutral type of skin do not have toworry that much. The only concern they should have is to always mix theingredients in correct proportions.

Face Mask Recipes

Those who have an oily type of skin should usually take someMilk of Magnesia and just rub it on the face. The milk needs to stay there forup to 10 minutes before it gets rinsed off with lukewarm water. Those who havea neutral skin may mix in half a cup of cooked oatmeal with one egg and ateaspoon olive oil. The mixture needs to be applied gently on the face and leftthere until it dries completely. Once in gets dry it needs to be rinsed offwith lukewarm water. Those unfortunate ones who have a dry type of skin may mixin a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, a teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of honeyand one egg yolk in order to prepare a very potent mixture. The mixture needs to be kept on the face forno longer than 15 minutes. It should be rinsed off with lukewarm water, andthen dried off thoroughly by using a dry towel. Honey is an importantingredient in numerous different types of facial masks. Other efficient typesof homemade facial masks include cornmeal facial mask, banana honey yogurtfacial mask, avocado facial mask and apple facial mask. They can be used forall different types of skin.

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