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The condition is actually the disorder of the excessively opened pores and it is the problem caused mainly by the accumulated sebum. It happens when the facial skin is provoked to secrete more sebum than it is necessary, due to some genetic factors (more commonly), as well as the factor of permanently oiled skin.

Unfortunately, there isn’t some permanent solution to this problem although it is not so serious health condition. Their only complication is that they can become blocked and thus gets infected, or the blackheads and white heads could appear. So, the consequences are rather aesthetic than health problems.

But, the good thing is that the large pores can be treated at home, and there are the remedies and the techniques that are equally effective or totally the same as those of the professional beauticians. So, the most important actions which are concerned as the steps in the treatment, are the cleaning and the reducing of the pores.

First of all, the process of the deep cleansing should be performed, because the pores with the dirt and oil in them are likely to become pimples and acnes. As well as the very popular cosmetic products that clean and make the pores smaller at the same time, the homemade mixtures and scrubs can be useful for the same things.

The products called toners are effective in shrinking the pores. But, when it comes to the home treatment, it is advisable to put on the tomato juice and keep it there for one third of an hour, since it contains some toning substances. So, besides the effect of shrinking the pores, tomato minimizes the making of excessive sebum.

Also, one can choose to make the some masks such as the mask made of mashed papaya. The same effect can be achieved by using the mixture of honey and lemon juice, or with milk powder, which has another beneficial feature, and that is of massaging the skin during the application of it. Another popular mask is made of the yolk of an egg and lemon juice or only of the white part of the egg. All these masks should be left on the face for some time and after that they should be washed off with warm water.

As far as the treatment of only the shrinkage of the pores is concerned, the toning mixtures are the following: gram flour and oatmeal in the combination with curd, rose water and lemon juice, and the mixture of butter and salt. Or, one could simply massage gently the facial skin with the ice, which will reduce the pores immediately. This is important to be done especially after the depilation of the certain parts of the skin.

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