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Almost all people know that smoking is bad and that it leads to various diseases. Lots of people want to quit but sometimes they have problems when trying to do that. However, there are plenty of tips on how a person can achieve his or her goal. One way of dealing with the problem is by making a personal plan. In order to quit smoking and reduce the cravings a person must keep himself or herself active both physically and mentally.

More than 50% of people who smoke die because of a diseases that are related to smoking. Every person knows that his or her health will improve if he or she stops smoking. A person who stops smoking will help his or her blood circulation and at once his or hers blood pressure levels will be back to normal. Lots of people who smoke lose the sense of taste and smell. Breathing problems occur as well and people who stop smoking will see the difference in no time. Quitting smoking also reduces the risk of cancer drastically as well.

Reasons why people smoke

People smoke for various reasons. For instance, some people smoke because it relaxes them and lessens the stress. However, this can be substituted with exercising, meditation and simple deep breathing. Some people smoke out of boredom and loneliness. If that is the case a person can entertain himself or herself by getting involved with music, art or literature. Certain people cannot think of a complete meal without the cigarette in the end. Instead of a cigarette a person can have a dessert. How to stop smoking

The first thing a person should do is design a personal smoking cessation plan. A person should write down all the reasons why he or she wishes to quit and think of a plan how will this be achieved.

A person needs to deal with the cravings because they will occur as soon as he or she stops smoking. This is a normal bodily reaction to the lack of nicotine in the system. In such cases a person should consume something sweet in order to raise the sugar levels. Drinking juices also helps.

TipsIt is best that a person keeps himself or herself active and occupied in work. Keeping the hands busy with pencils or paper clips also helps. Keeping the mind busy is also important and a person should always occupy himself or herself with something that he or she likes. Chewing gums also help. Drinking plenty of water is essential.

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