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There are a lot of people who smoke that believe that they cannot live a day without lighting a cigarette. However, that is not true and they can even though it might be harder in the beginning for those who have been smoking for quite some time. It is important that people do not lose hope. Every person can give up smoking with some helpful tips.

Smoking is bad

Every smoker came in contact at least once in his or her life with someone who told them that smoking is bad and someone who told them how they can quit. People who smoke will spend a fortune on cigarettes, their clothes will stink and will have a greater chance of ending up with lung cancer. Even though smokers do not like it when people tell them such stuff they know that it is true.

Even though these arguments make a pretty good point a person will not simply quit because of them. There are other arguments that might convince some smokers to quit like the ability to finish a meal without leaving the table in the middle of it, the ability to endure long plane rides, no emergency cigarette cartons hidden somewhere and no need to leave work in order to smoke somewhere.

The first step

The first step a person who wants to quit needs to take is to realize how much nicotine has control over him or her and get to know that significance. In order to quit a person really needs to want to do it. Believing in the reasons is also important. Not being able to quit in the past should not discourage a person.

Most smokers cannot smoke when they are ill. A nasty sore throat will make it impossible for a person to light a cigarette no matter how hard he or she wants to. Most people suffer from such colds at least once a year and during the couple of days a person is ill, he or she will wait for that day when he or she is ill no more to smoke. That kind of will is important in order to quit for real. A person should use the advantage of that situation and make it a stepping-stone towards a healthier life.

The first couple of days

The first few days are the hardest. A person who did not smoke for several days has gotten over the worse period and should have an easier path ahead of him or her. However, there will be some strong cravings in the next few months but a person needs to remain strong. Keeping the mind occupied with something else is a good advice.

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