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Stop smoking medications

When people decide to quit smoking, they usually try abstinence at first. After that comes rehab and nicotine gums. Yet, for some, the need to smoke is still present because smoking woes do not end so easily. Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms are too much to bear. In that case, people often go back to smoking. Now, however, there are medications that help with these withdrawal symptoms and they are becoming very popular.

Medications Used to Stop Smoking: Varenicline

The FDA approved the drug, Vereniciline 2 years ago, that quadruples the chance of quitting initially and raises the chance that the person can live smoke-free for quite some time. Nausea is a the most common side effect but it usually goes away over time. However, Vareniciline works only for a minority of patients, in spite of the success. Varenicilin comes in a form of a pill and it works by imitating the effect of nicotine in the blood. It plays a part in blocking the effect of nicotine as well, so that the person gets less pleasure derived when smoking a cigarette. There is a medical herb in Europe that has been in use for quite some time now and is chemically similar.

Nicotine replacement

Various methods have been in use for years. Things like nicotine gum, lozenges, inhalers and patches are included in the process. They supply the nicotine to the body without the use of cancer-causing smoke. One out of four smokers actually succeed in quitting, while using one of these methods. One-third, however, becomes dependent on nicotine replacements. People with heart disease and pregnant women should avoid these nicotine replacements.


Drugs like Buproprion and imapramine help a minority of those who try using them, while the majority still goes on smoking.

Supportive Ways

There is no drug that will eliminate cravings, so people should modify their behavior in order to quit smoking. In order to get the best result, which is to quit smoking, people must have true motivation and develop some skills. It is more than just taking a pill. Hypnotherapy may be involved in order to help in those moments of crisis. Internet has options to offer when someone does not fully understand the motives to quit smoking. The estimation is that one billion people may die of cigarette smoking in the 21st century.

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