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Acne is among the most common skin problems, especially if we talk about the period of puberty, when the increased secretion of the hormones leads to their production. However, the condition aggravates significantly if someone has a dry skin type and if the skin is exposed to the impurities, which is almost impossible to avoid. And, the other factors of risk for suffering from this skin problem are the poor eating habits, the sedentary lifestyle and the humid climate.

What to do about acne?

So, the first thing to do should be to solve the problem from the inside and that way to minimize the possibility of even having acne. That is, instead of the junk foods, refined sugars, saturated fats and highly processed foods, one should introduce a lot of the fruits and veggies in the fresh form into the eating regime, and, of course, to drink increased amounts of water regularly. That way the result will be the detoxified organism and the better metabolism and digestion, since the healthy absorption of the basic nutrients is essentially important for the health of the skin. Also, as beneficial is the process of the perspiration and the regularly done workouts.

Of course, sweating is useful, but it should be removed frequently when sunbathing, since the sweat is, logically, being the waste product of perspiration, full of the impurities and toxins. Also, the excessive sunbathing leads to the progressive aging of the skin, that is, to the damaged quality of it. During the mentioned activities, of exercising and sunbathing, but, during the rest of the time as well, it is essentially important to increase the intake of water. As already mentioned, it helps the processes of metabolism and digestion, but also irrigates the organism from toxins. The key to healthy looking skin is to provide enough moisture to it, and it is achieved with the water from inside and with the moisturizers applied directly over the skin. The drying agents from the cosmetic products will only increase the need for the bigger production of the oil from the skin oil glands, hence the acne will appear.

It is also good to know that some cosmetic products can block the skin pores or trigger an allergic response. So, having in mind that the artificial products are based on the synthetic chemicals and could have some negative side-effects, it is always better to use some natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, which are not so aggressive to the skin.

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