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Acne is quite a disturbing skin condition affecting both genders. These unsightly skin changes may differ in their appearance and affect different parts of the body. Having acne on the back is maybe better than having to deal with facial acne. However, even though back acne can be easily camouflaged with clothes they will simply do not go away on their own. This is why each person suffering from back acne should consult his/her dermatologist who may recommend some remedies or opt for more aggressive treatment. Mild cases of back acne respond well to certain home remedies. Still, these should not be used without previous consultation with a well-experienced medical professional.

Back Acne Prevention

The condition develops due to excessive production of sebum and additional inflammation by certain bacteria. Scientists have managed to identify some trigger factors for acne development which may be reduced, if not completely eliminated, and this way the very formation of these unsightly skin changes can be, perhaps, prevented.

For instance, in people in whom excess of sebum production is associated with unbalanced hormones, adequate treatment will bring the improperly functioning hormones under control. Acne can be also prevented if ones stop consuming foods which can induce acne formation. Stress and usage of certain cosmetic products are two more factors which may contribute to acne formation. Once they are eliminated the skin can regain its natural glow and become healthy again. Unfortunately, people with genetic predisposition to acne simply cannot fight their genes and eventually end up with acne. Home Remedies for Back Acne

The first thing each individual suffering from back acne must do is to maintain impeccable skin hygiene. This includes taking a shower twice a day, and keeping the entire body clean and dry. It is preferable to use antibacterial soaps instead of regular ones. The skin is washed gently without excessive and vigorous scrubbing. It is also essential to wear clothes made of natural fiber which allow the skin to breathe.

Even though the skin in general, including the back, requires proper moisturizing, if one used a moisturizer, it is supposed to be water based instead of oil based. Oil based moisturizers increase the greasiness of the skin and contributes to acne formation.

Dieting and Homemade Masks

By eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber and consuming less of fried foods and refined sugar one may notice how acne on the back become more prominent and subside to certain extent. Intake of sufficient amount of water is also of major importance for the healthy looking skin. People with back acne should abstain from carbonated soft drinks.

Finally, there are plenty of home made masks as well as manufactured cosmetic masks which, once applied to back acne, reduce the signs of inflammation and improve the overall appearance of the affected skin.

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