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As already well-known, there are a lot of pros and cons concerning the issue of taking a sunbath or sun tanning. Although tanning is a natural process, it inevitably causes some sort of damage to the skin. And that’s because the skin pigment, melanoma, which is in charge for the darker colour of the skin, at the same time plays the important role in defending the skin from the harmful ultraviolet sun rays and the ultraviolet radiation. So, the excessive exposure to the sunlight almost certainly leads to the burnt skin or some more serious condition, such as the skin cancer.

Beneficial effects of tanning

But, some latest researchers have shown that the moderate sunbathing is healthier than it has thought to be, mostly because it is a good way to supply the organism with enough amount of vitamin D, thus preventing some serious illnesses (e.g. diabetes and cancer). Also, some researchers have come up with the evidences of the beneficial effect of tanning in fighting against various infections of all kinds. That is because lying in the sun boosts the immune system, and people who expose themselves to the sun rays in moderate amounts are less susceptible to all the illnesses.

Nevertheless, the sun has the best beneficial effect on the blood, since the tanning reduces the hypertension, maintains the normal level of the sugar in the blood, decreases cholesterol and helps the process of erythrocytes’ multiplying.

However, despite all the controversies about the harmful effect of the sun on skin, it has been proven that the sun rays enrich the organism with beneficial minerals, such as, for instance, magnesium, iron, carbon and sodium.

Treatment with sun rays

First of all, it is essentially important that the sun rays don’t cause the cancer themselves, but the other things. That is, the sun rays only help the processes which already are happening in our organisms. For example, if someone leads an unhealthy lifestyle, the toxins and the harmful substances which are consumed, are more prone to provoke some reaction of the body, thus leading to a disease. But, if an individual intakes a lot of healthy foods, the sun rays will only make their effects on the organism and overall health even more beneficial.

Anyway, the most common treatment, concerning the sun rays is the one called heliotherapy. It can be focused on treating the skin problems, such as neonatal jaundice, healing the wounds and acne, but it can be used for dealing with some more serious conditions, like the seasonal affective disorder, for example.

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