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Acne, as the most terrifying skin disorder in the period of the adolescence, is also one of the most common troubles concerning the health of the skin. The usual appearance of the reddish bumps over the surface of the skin, most often facial, is not so severe, but it is very unsightly trouble. However, these protuberant bumps, which sometimes can be located deeply under the skin and enclosed in a cyst, are actually the consequence of the inflammatory process of the skin glands, pores and the hair follicles.

What is the quickest solution?

Having in mind how troublesome and frequent this disorder is, it can be concluded that there are a lot of the cosmetic products for the quick removal of these blemishes available on the market. However, it is always better at least to try the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, since they are both, cheaper and healthier for the skin, simply because they are based exclusively on the natural ingredients. The other very important thing is to choose the treatment which will be focused on dealing with the provoker of the appearance of acne, and not only on treating the consequence, like the majority of the products do.

So, the key to the successful removal of these blemishes is to attack the problem from the inside, as well as from the outside. That goal could be achieved by introducing the healthy dietary regime and regular workouts into the lifestyle, as well as applying the topically intended remedies. The diet must be consisted of the nutrients that will nourish the skin and the increased intake of water which will flush away the toxins. Also, the beneficial fruit and vegetables can maintain the normal level of the hormonal production in the organism, that way preventing the acne outbreak.

So, as far as the diet is concerned, firstly, one should stay away from the diary product, such as the products based on milk, since they can worsen the acne. Of course, the fruits and veggies are to be eaten, but the quickest solution is to read the list of all the foods beneficial for the skin, which also help in the acne removal and which is called ‘’Acne No More’’. Dietitian Mark Walden assures us that the acne will be healed during the period of two months by leading this diet, and it is worth trying.

The popular medications and substances which usually fail to help are the following: Accutane (has many negative following effects), benzyl peroxide (not so quick solution), antibiotics (can damage the bacterial flora balance).

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