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Troubles with Acne

Acne has become such an important issue that cosmetic industryprovides tons of products to help you get rid of them. Vitamins for acne are thelatest addition and some claim that these supplements may cure your problem. Thetruth is that no vitamin alone can make your acne go away and never come backagain, no matter how persistent you are and how much time do you take thesevitamins.

Vitamins in the Treatment of Acne

Many people suffering from acne are advised to use productscontaining vitamins A, B complex, C and E. There is also some magnesium andzinc incorporated in these anti-acne products. All of these substances arefound to be beneficial against acne, simply because many acne sufferers experiencevitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Among various helpful properties, these combination ofvitamins can positively affect the hormone imbalance, control the production ofsebum (oils) in the skin and improve the healing process of the skin affectedby acne. Besides these effects, combination of these vitamins is helpful forthe immune system and it is discovered that vitamins can strengthen thisdefense mechanism of human body. Vitamins are also great to fight against harmfulfree radicals and decrease the amount of stress, blamed to cause hormonalimbalance in both sexes.

MSM or natural sulfur is also often found as recommendedtreatment for skin affected by acne. These supplements contain essential fattyacids, such as omega 3, 6 and 9 and they are well known to regulate thesecretion of hormones and positively modify acne prone skin.

To treat acne with vitamins it is best to consult yourdoctor. Use vitamins exactly as they were prescribed. Avoid taking more thanprescribed dose and take them as you were advised, because optimal results willdepend mainly on the proper use of the vitamins.

What Can Vitamins Do for the Skin?

Different people need vitamins for different purposes. For some,vitamins will improve the healing of their skin and here they are used fortheir nutritional value. Other vitamins may balance the level of hormones inyour body or stimulate detoxification. Supplements containing vitamins may alsobe beneficial for the production of collagen or skin repair. Since vitamins canalso relieve the stress and improve the functioning of the immune system, it isno wonder these substances are used in the treatment of acne skin.

There is no vitamin supplement able to automatically cureyour acne. This skin problem is never simple and it should be resolvedcombining vitamins for acne and holistic approach for the best possibleresults.

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