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Zinc and holistic medicine

The holistic medicine belongs to the alternative medicine and it is a system of health care which is focused on embracing the mental, emotional, social and spiritual assessment of a patient and links it to the physical health, that way reaching a diagnosis based on all these factors.

Having said that, and having in mind the holistic approach in treating the health problems, it is also necessary to emphasize the importance of the mineral zinc for the general well-being of the organism. That is, this mineral acts like antioxidant, which means that it lessens the damage caused by the harmful free radicals (those chemicals cause the malignant tumors, among the other diseases), and boosts the immunity. Also, zinc is very beneficial for the digestion and the reproduction, and, additionally, it is very effective in maintaining the good health and is helpful in the regenerative processes of the skin, hair, nails, bones and eyes.

So, the conclusion is that the treatment based on holistic approach and the use of zinc can do wonders, especially in the case of the skin problems. And the most frequent skin trouble nowadays is the apparition of acne. Not to mention that such the approach is free from the negative side effects, unlike the artificial medications and the cosmetic products, and that is why it could be followed on the longer run. Besides, the characteristics of zinc listed above, another very important is its ability to annihilate bacteria and that is the main reason why this mineral should be used for dealing with the acne problem.


When it comes to the holistic treatment, first of all, one should eat more foods that are rich in zinc, and those are the soy beans, legumes, mushrooms and fish. That is the best way of treating the exact cause of the problem and not only the consequence. That is, when the level of zinc is increased in the organism, it decreases the secretion of the hormones which are responsible for the increased amount of the oil in the skin, and, at the same time, effectively kills the bacteria which tends to accumulate in already oiled pores. And, another one beneficial effect is of improving the regeneration of the skin tissue after taking care of acne, that way speeding up the process of healing the affected spots and blemishes.

Of course, when it comes to the dietary regime, the key of the successful treatment is also staying away from the highly processed foods, fast food products, the unhealthy snacks and the refined sugars; and those unhealthy products should be substituted with the increased intake of the organic foods in the fresh form. However, it is also advisable to enrich the diet with the zinc in the supplementary form, and to lessen the consumption of the other minerals, since they could interfere with the metabolism of zinc.

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