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What is detoxification and why is it important?

The good detoxification of the organism is essentially important for both; the process of digestion and for the healthy metabolism. It is because, when the accumulated toxins and the other harmful substances are removed from the walls of the blood vessels and the vital organs, there is the beneficial environment for better absorption of the vital and basic nutrients. Thus, the organism uses the beneficial nutrients the best way possible, and by creating the minimal amount of waste.

So, this process is very useful and recommendable to be done from time to time, or, for the best results, on a regular basis, especially having in mind the unhealthy lifestyle people tend to lead nowadays. Nevertheless, besides the harmful substances which are consumed deliberately (such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, some drugs, saturated fats, refined sugar, fast food and the highly processed foods), we must be aware of the amount of the air pollutants which enter the organism simply through every breath we take. In addition, it is essentially important to realize that every substance our organism evaluates as an ‘’alien’’, could be considered as a toxic substance. So, the artificial ingredients and chemicals are the stuff we should stay away from.

The natural treatment

Besides removing all the harmful substances that interfere with the healthy metabolism from the eating regime, it is necessary to undergo the homemade treatment of the detoxification. The basis of this specific recovery of the organism is wrapping the detoxifying masque over the body, and it should be, of course, accompanied with the beneficial diet and the regularly done workouts. Speaking about diet, it should include the increased consumption of the fruits and veggies in the fresh form and water, which will literally flush out the toxic waste from the body. The process of the irrigation, however, must go hand in hand with the regular exercises, since the process of perspiration, along with the improvement of the good blood flow, is irreplaceable for the natural removal of the harmful substances from the organism.

As far as the basis of the process of the body cleansing is concerned, the most effective is the method of placing the body wraps over the skin, which are based on the beneficial herbs and oils. Also, very successful in dealing with the toxins is another method or brushing the skin, in order to help the processes of the circulation, of the improvement of the lymphatic system and of cleansing the pores deeply. The body is to be treated with the movements in the upward direction, the stomach and the abdomen with the circular movements and the neck with in the downward direction.

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