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The problem of acne

Acne are among the most common and annoying cosmetic and aesthetic problems nowadays, mostly because the majority of the people worldwide leads the unhealthy lifestyles. Apart from the inactivity, which is prone to provoke the physical and psychological problems, and the environmental pollution of air, the unhealthy eating habits are the most common triggers of the impurity of the skin that causes acne. By eating the unhealthy foods the system of digestion and the metabolic processes are damaged.

Acne, are, however, the disorder of the skin, manifested as the apparition of the reddish bumps, filled with pus and they are, actually the points of the inflammatory process of the skin glands and hair follicles. So, most commonly, apart from the hormonal imbalance (and that is why their outbreak is usually severe in the period of puberty), the common provokers of the acne are the inflammations, the damaged balance of the level of sugar in the blood and the oxidative stress. Having in mind these facts, it can be concluded that eating harmful foods could only worsen the problem.

The harmful foodsHowever, in order to treat the consequence and the cause of the problem, first of all, one should stop the contamination of the blood by following a healthy dietary regime. And, obviously, the first substance that should be thrown out from the eating habits is the fat, because of the direct influence on the amount of sugar in the blood and on the glands, which are by eating excessive amounts of fat, provoked to secrete more sebum (and thus the risk of the blockage of the skin pores is increased).

Additionally, the fat, by accumulating itself in the organism slows down the metabolic rate and hence decreases the amount of the absorption of the basic nutrients. Also, the secretion of sebum could be increased by the intake of the cow milk that is rich in hormones.

Besides fat, the carbohydrates are very harmful, especially if they are highly processed, or to be more exact, refined. This means that they have poor nutritive value and that, on the other hand, they are not easily decomposed during the process of digestion. Similar are the grains, which also interfere with the absorption of the healthy nutrients. Also, the logical consequence is that, if eating the mentioned harmful stuff, there will be the acute response of the body which results in the oxidative stress.

And finally, in order to get rid of acne, one should also stay away from the caffeine, since this chemical encourages the larger production of the stress hormones, which is very harmful not only for the skin, but for the health in general. On the other hand, the caffeine interferes with sleeping and, therefore, with the healthy natural detoxifying processes of the organism.

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