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Hair is an outgrowth that grows in the follicle, a small pocket in the thin layer of skin, when certain number of cells turns amino acids into protein keratin. Hair grows at the average rate of 1.2 cm a month depending on how fast these proteins develop.

Symptoms of baldness are easily visible. They include lots of hair on clothes and around the house, patches of no hair and more and more disappearing hairline.

The most important cause of hair loss is inadequate nutrition. People who do not take in enough vitamin B6 and folic acid are inclined to baldness. If the imbalanced consumption of nutrients is the main cause for hair loss, hair will grow back after taking sufficient doses of mentioned vitamins.

Other important causes of hair loss are shock, stress and worry, weakened immune system due to serious illnesses such as influenza, cancer, syphilis, anemia. Baldness can develop in cases when scalp is not being cleaned. Collected dirt on the scalp causes roots of hairs to become weak and fall out. Genetics is also one of the important reasons for hair loss.

There are a lot of medicines for baldness on the market, but home remedies sometimes can be of great help. One of those remedies is rubbing the scalp with fingers. Hair is washed with cold water and then scalp is strongly massaged until it becomes warm and starts to hurt. This action activates the sebaceous glands whose secretion lubricates the skin and hair. It also activates blood circulation in the scalp for better hair growth.

Hair loss can be avoided if juice of fresh leaves of amarath is made. It will help a person\'s hair to be stronger and softer. Another juice that stops baldness is made of alfalfa, carrot and lettuce in equal quantities. It has to be taken daily and is proven to help with baldness.

An excellent hair tonic can be produced if pieces of amla are boiled in coconut oil. Also, mixture of amla juice and the same quantity of lime juice are a great shampoo for stopping the hair loss. Another shampoo can be made if you take 250 ml of mustard oil and boil it with 60 g of henna leaves. After you strain this mixture, you get an excellent shampoo that will help you hair grow.

Although it is not a shampoo, common coconut milk if rubbed into the roots of hairs can prevent hair from falling by giving it nutritious substances.

A paste can be made of lime seeds and ground black pepper that activates blood circulation and helps hair growth. If applied regularly, this is a proven way of preventing baldness.

Another paste is made by crushing liquoric in milk with a small quantity of saffron. If applied before going to bed, this is a good way of preventing hair loss.

Ingredients found in every home such as an onion for example, can be very helpful for preventing baldness. It is rubbed into the scalp until it becomes red, and then it is rubbed with honey.

Since the most important cause for hair loss is malnutrition, a proper diet can be of greatest help for curing it. People that suffer from hair loss should eat more foods with seeds, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables because they all contain a sufficient amount of nutrients. It is also important to eat dairy products, honey, vegetable oil, liver and yeast and not to neglect them since they are equally as nutritious as well.

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