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Hair loss issue

Falling of hair isregarded as something that does happen as a part of the natural process. However, certain factors do tendto have too great an influence when it comes to speeding up a notch the entirehair shedding process, thus making quite an unpleasant issue out of it. Ofcourse, this problem is perhaps the most prominent one that urges a greatmajority of people to go for variousshampoos, hair gels, hair creams and products alike, which promise to solvethis problem before you blink your eyes. Unfortunately, what a great number ofpeople is not familiar with is that such products are literally packed with anumber of unwanted chemicals and toxins that can bring one more harm thanbenefit. When it comes to the above mentioned shampoos, regarded as the most prevalentconstituent is sodium lauryl sulfate. And, ironically enough, this is actuallyone of the substances known to be at the root of the all this hair trouble. Oneof the most evident side effects of such products is the tendency to bring thegrowth of hair to a complete halt, and turn a person’s scalp in a skindesolated area.

The implication isthat such products should be avoided at all cost. But then there is one seriousquestion to answer and it concerns the existence of such a solution to the problemwhich is natural in origin. And to the surprise of many, there isactually more than one solution to this ever growing problem. Some of them includeadequate hormonal balance, proper nourishment of the hair follicles, healthydiet and last but not the least, and first of all, scalp cleansing as the precautionarymeasure.

Imbalance in the hormonal levels is oneof quite frequent culprits of hair loss, i.e. in as much as 30% of cases. In cases of the male population, this condition is known as androgenicalopecia, i.e. DHT (testosterone is converted to DHT). Prevention includes the dietbased on saw palmetto, which is known to put an end to an overt androgens to DHTconversion.Nourishment – oiling of the hair isconsidered to be the most effective way of enriching one’s hair with all theessential nutrients and minerals needed in order to defeat this unpleasantcondition.Essential oils such as those made from the mixture of rosemary, lavender, as well as cedar wood, are thoseessential oils known to decrease instances of dandruff, and also the process ofhair splitting.Healthy diet is something that theoverall health of our skin and hair could not do without. When it comes tothose vital supplements that need to be included in a person’s every day dietfor the purpose of nourishing one’s hair, they include vitamins ofthe B complex, iron, minerals and sulphur.

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