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Hair loss medication named Propecia is mostly used by men who suffer from mild to moderate hair loss problems. Many clinical trials where conducted on the effects of Propecia and the results showed that it is more beneficial then placebo. One study included men between 18 and 41 years of age and some of them took placebo, while others took Propecia. From the total number of those who took Propecia, 86% of them had no additional hair loss, while some may even experience increase of the hair growth. Hair loss continued with the 14% of the participants in this study. Women cannot use this prescription drug because it has no effect and it can cause unwanted effects on the unborn fetus.

Problems like receding hairline and complete baldness have not been included in the studies with the Propecia, so we do not know whether these problems can be corrected or reduced with the use of this medication. Also, the effects on the older men are not yet discovered. This is a very safe drug but children cannot use it. There are certain side effects, such as decreased sex drive, reduced sperm count and problems with erection. Once you stop taking Propecia, the symptoms will disappear, although in some cases they have disappeared without the need to stop taking the drug. However, we do not know if the side effects were eliminated with certain treatment or if they have disappeared on their own.


Hair loss cannot be eliminated with Propecia, which affects the 5-alpha reductase, or the enzyme catalyst, which is responsible for the conversion of certain hormones. The DHT, or the dihydrotesterone is the metabolite of the testosterone and it is present in excess where the loss of hair occurs. The hair loss can be prevented with Propecia because it reduces the amount of the DHT, thus promoting the hair growth. But know that the effects of Propecia last as long as you take this drug so if you stop with the use, the benefits will disappear as well.

Pregnancy Issues

The fetus's sex organs can be harmed by Propecia, so pregnant women should take this drug under no circumstances. The tablet is the form in which Propecia can be found, so it cannot come in contact with the pregnant mother by touch, but we advise the use of gloves in order to be sure. Broken tables can be a problem and a woman can be exposed to the active ingredient in this way. But a father can use the drug without any harm for the mother or the child. There are some issues with this drug when trying to have a baby, but this side effect occurs rarely.

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