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Those of you that live with a snorer will understand and appreciate the necessity of making the noise stop. It keeps you awake throughout the night which inevitably stops you from functioning during the day.

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

This program supplies you with twenty four exercises that are three minutes apiece. The exercises concern your throat and your mouth to help you in the battle against snoring. Depending on the amount of time you can dedicate to the stop snoring program it can be interchangeable as it is classed into seven programs. The program allows you to do a trial run of up to fifty six days, if you do not see or hear a difference then you get all of your money back.

The Chewing Exercise

For this exercise you need to keep your mouth closed and pretend to chew on something for sixty seconds or so. You will need to ensure your molar teeth move away from each other a touch and then go back together to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly with your lips closed together at all times. At the start of this exercise, you may feel your jaw aching slightly but this will pass as you are not actually chewing on anything so the feeling will not last too long. This exercise focuses on strengthening your weaker tissue thus opening up the air pipe. Whilst doing this exercise concentrates on opening up and contracting the muscles in the back of your throat as this area is the main issue for snoring.

The Learning Process of the Program

This stop snoring exercise program will teach you to not allow the tongue to fall into your throat causing the snoring sound. You will also learn the three number one techniques there are for opening up a naturally slender throat. It will teach you to recognize a narrow throat, a weak throat or a loose tongue. You are guaranteed to learn how to perform the breathing exercises which will help you with the snoring. You will also be taught how to fake yawn continuously thus opening up and strengthening the throat muscles. In the book you will understand how to lie in two particular positions when sleeping to aid in the decrease of the snoring sounds. You will be aware of the three pillow rule as well as how a bottle cap and a newspaper can remarkably open up your airway.

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