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Best ways to stop snoring

Stop Snoring

Every person needs sleep after a long day. Our body recuperates overnight, so we need to sleep in order to be able to do our daily duties. It’s not just sleep but the quality sleep that lasts adequate time. Babies sleep almost 15 hours a day and young children about 10. Adults need less sleep and it is estimated that everyone should get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep during night.

Some people snore, that’s a fact. Their snoring affect not just them, but also all the people in the same household.

Snoring is usually caused by the blocking of the airways, and the obstructed air flow causes these strange sounds. There are also other causes of snoring, including some physiological abnormalities or problematic sleeping position.

Stop Snoring Naturally

Physical activity of your vocal cords may help to prevent the snoring later that night. These are known as the snoring exercises. Specialists recommend saying the vocals: a, e, i, o, u. Stand in front of the mirror and repeat the vocals at loud, three times every day. Another exercise is also simple: place the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth. Just do the exercise for 3 minutes. It should strengthen the muscles of the mouth, preventing snoring.

Clearance of the nasal passage works for people suffering from cold or common flu, having problems with the stuffed nose. Use neti pot or some nasal decongestant medications to prevent snoring. There are also nasal strips available at the market, claimed to have the same purpose – relieve the snoring.

Sleeping position is also important when it comes to snoring. Open mouth while sleeping could also produce unpleasant noise. Change your posture, especially if you tend to sleep on your back a lot. This position causes vibrations of the throat and formation of snoring roars.

Weight issue might be the cause of your snoring, too. In some cases, there is excess fat in the airways, which narrow them. There is friction between the airway walls, causing the snoring sounds. Overweight people are often advised to lose about 10 pounds, because it may decrease the sleeping problem.

Probably the tastiest snore advice is a banana smoothie. Some scientists claim that phospholipids from bananas might actually free the airways, stopping the snoring. Others say it won’t work, but you might try anyway. Just blend a ripe banana and drink it.

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