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Introduction to snoring

Snoring is a problem that many people face and also a problem that the many people want to find a solution for.

Snoring is not only a serious health concern, but it can also have emotional and personal consequences, especially if you are sharing the bed with a loved one that is not able to sleep because of your loud snoring.

According to recent statistics, about 40 percent of men snore and 28 percent of women.

However, there are some remedies that can help to get rid of snoring. Causes

One of the major causes of snoring is constructed air passages, when the air that is coming out of the lungs is constricted in the throat.

When a person gets older, the throat muscle tone decreases, which leads to a narrowing of the throat, which in turn leads to snoring.

Congested nasal passages can also lead to snoring. People who have congested passages because of a cold or some other type of infection can often snore. The congestion obstructs breathing and creates a vacuum in the throat, which will lead to snoring.

Sometimes snoring has a lot to do with the position a person is sleeping in. Sleeping posture is very important. When a person sleeps flat on their backs, the throat muscles relax and the tongue and uvula tilt upwards.

It is probably better to sleep on one’s side, therefore.

It is also common knowledge that many people who are overweight snore. Therefore, it is best to lose weight in order to prevent snoring.

It is also important to avoid taking medications and drinking alcohol before bed time, because both of these can lead to snoring. Sleeping pills will relax the throat and tongue muscles, which will increase the chances that a person will snore.

It is also important to keep the head slightly elevated when sleeping in order to prevent snoring. When the head is elevated, the tongue is pushed away from the throat, and it clears up the air passage in the throat.


Surgery is an option for people who have significant snoring problems that just won’t go away. The objective of all of the available surgeries is, essentially, to clear up the airway and increase its size.

The surgeon could also remove excess tissues from the throat or inside of the nose in order to increase the airway. In more serious situation, the doctor might even recommend jaw reconstruction.

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