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Nowadays, all over the world a fair number of people suffer from snoring. There is no particular age for this disorder and all people can suffer from it. However, it is usually people who are overweight, men and older people that snore during their sleep. Snoring occurs when the air that passes through the nose and mouth is somehow obstructed and then the walls of the throat vibrate. There are various things that may cause the obstruction of the air passage. Some of the most common things that are the causes are nasal polyps, poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, bulky throat tissue, long soft palate and a deviated septum. People who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore because then gravity is involved and it pulls the palate and tongue backwards.

Other things that may influence snoring to occur

A person who consumes alcohol and certain medications relaxes his or her muscles and that also leads to snoring. It is not the people who sleep near the person who snore that have problems with sleeping but also the people who snore. They often wake up feeling tired no matter how long they have slept. People who snore have a greater chance of ending up with some other disorder like sleep apnea for instance. People who suffer from sleep apnea often stop breathing during the night for 10 seconds or longer. The reason for this is because the airway is totally blocked. Such a breathing interruption occurs more than once during a night. Apart from not having a good night's sleep, people who suffer from sleep apnea are more likely to end up with higher blood pressure and even stroke or a heart attack. The reason for that is because a person wakes up quite frequently and has lower oxygen levels.

How to prevent snoring?

People who wish to prevent snoring have more than 300 products that are being advertised at the moment to choose from. However, none of these products focuses on the underlying problem. If a person wishes to stop snoring he or she should make some changes in the lifestyle and behavior. Some of the changes are losing weight, no more sleeping on the back and no alcohol or snacks at least four hours before going to bed. A person can even tilt the head of his or her bed up a few inches in order to prevent snoring. People who have troubles with not sleeping on the back should attach a tennis ball onto the back and that will prevent them from sleeping on the back. A person can also look on the internet for some snoring solutions and keep in mind that even surgery is an option.

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