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Troublesome condition

Despite the fact thatsnoring is regarded as a problematic condition, its peculiar nature does notactually put it completely in the category of the above mentioned conditions, since the person who can feel most uncomfortable is, in most cases, the one whofinds him/herself next to the person snoring. Another fact that also contributesto snoring not being a full-fledged problem is that in most cases, the person whois snoring is in the dark when it comes to this unpleasant “habit” and becomes awareonly when somebody else makes this discovery public.

The real problemoccurs when a person needs to spend more time with the snorer, because a greatnumber of those people is not only unable to fall asleep for quite some time,due to the snoring distractions, but also tends not to sleep during the nightat all, which in the long run can have serious consequences. The severity ofthe problem has made the industry wonder by what means this can be solved, and in the recent years, this has brought about the boom-effect, i.e. more and moreanti-snoring products started to emerge. One of such new wave effectiveanti-snoring products is considered to be the snoring chin strap. According to quite a number of people who havealready made use of it, it stands for a fairly good solution to the problem inquestion. For some, one possible down side could be its unaesthetic look, but sincea person is not going to wear it outside the bed, even this can be put to side.

Functioning principle

The product in questionis based on the following principle – the strap is there to keep a person’smouth during the night tight together. Namely, a person needs to fasten thehead and the jaw, and the strap will give support properly. Thiswill, in turn, stop the additional air flow, which is responsible for theinitiation of snoring. It also aids in making sure that the person’s tongue isproperly positioned, thus disabling it from dropping back into the throat,since this is also considered to be one of the culprits for the onset ofsnoring.


Given the fact that, at present, there is quite anumber of different varieties of the chin strap, some of them which have provenquite effective are – Respironics Premium Snoring Chin Strap, NPB Style Neoprene CPAP ChinStrap, ResMed Style Chin Strap, Avalon Aire Ruby Chin Strap, SP Medical PuritanBennett Style CPAP Chin Strap.

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