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How many times have you waked up in the middle of the night because of your partner's snoring? Snoring can be very annoying and irritating and it affects both men and women. National Sleep Foundation has gathered information and the results were astonishing. 90 million of Americans snore and 37 millions do it always. The reason for snoring is a blockage somewhere between the tip of the nose and vocal cords. There are some natural ways that can help you stop snoring and regain quietness in your bedroom.

Natural Remedies for Snoring

It was proved that butterbur is effective in the treatment of snoring by providing slowing down of an air flow in the throat. There are butterbur capsules that can be bought in most shops that sell vitamin products. There was an experiment done by the British scientists that proved that snoring can be reduced. The goal of the experiment was to make 20 typical snores to sing every day for 20 minutes in the following three months. After three months, more than one half of the snores reduced the intensity and capacity of their snoring.

It can also be useful to try and avoid dairy in your food, as it leaves a little mucus in the body that can be irritating for our airways. Instead of diary, one can consume food that has anti-inflammatory features such as fruit, vegetables (not corn), beans, nuts (with the exception of walnuts), milk substitutes and natural sugar. This kind of food is good for the overall health, weight reduction, and snoring. But be patient, as it doesn’t stop over night; in some cases, weeks, even months are required so that results can be seen.

There were some researches done on banana and it was proved that a compound that is in banana keeps the throat open and reduces snoring during sleep. This compound's name is phospholipids. So, very good results in snoring reduction will be provided with banana smoothie. The herb called winter cherry has proven to be good in inflammation reduction and returning the levels of cortisol and blood sugar into normal, since all this has a major influence on snoring. Sadly, this study was done on rats and is in its experimental phase. The cause of your snoring problem can be simply the place of your head on the pillow while sleeping, or just your pillow that is old. It is advised to sleep on the pillow that elevates your head.

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