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Snoring is not a serious health problem but it is a major nuisance not so much for the person who does it, as for those around him or her. People who snore frequently and loudly try different tricks and remedies to make it stop. Some of them work, some simply do not, but it is good to know the options, try them out and see what works best.

Why do people snore?

There are several reasons why this sleep disorder occurs. The foremost reason is the obstruction of air and its movement during sleep. Also, with age the throat muscles relax and sag, which too causes snoring. Other factors that may contribute or cause snoring include conditions like nasal congestion due to cold and allergies, asthma and sinusitis.

Some people snore all the time, every night, and some snore only occasionally. Snoring can also be embarrassing, since it disturbs not only the person who snores, but those who are around him or her as well. That is why people who snore should be familiar with techniques that will allow them to stop snoring and have a good night sleep.

Anti-snoring solutions

There are many ways to stop snoring and some of them are quite effective. Also, some techniques work for one person, but for the other they show no results. It is recommended to try them out and see which one works best.

It is often observed that people snore the most while sleeping on their back. Changing the position and sleeping on the side can stop snoring, and if the person unconsciously turns on their back, their bed partner can gently remind them to go back to sleeping on their side.

Keeping the head elevated also reduces snoring. Some people sleep without a pillow, and if they snore, they should try sleeping with a soft, comfortable pillow under their head.

People who snore a lot often sleep with their mouth open. Sleeping with the mouth closed can solve the problem, and using a jaw supporter can help keep them closed.

Obese people snore more than others, so reducing the body weight to normal is highly recommended.

Also, dairy foods should be avoided. Dairy foods are sometimes difficult to digest, and in addition, they cause excess mucus production and tend to stick to the throat, causing an obstruction that leads to snoring.

Alcohol and smoking should be avoided too. They cause dryness of the throat, the throat muscles get relaxed and the air does not flow normally, causing snoring.

Nose and nasal passages, including sinuses, should be clean and clear at all times. Blowing the nose gently helps a lot, and so do nasal solutions like saline solution and inhalation of vapors.

The bedroom should be clean and free of dust and pollution, which are known for obstructing the air flow.

Exercise helps against snoring too. Regular exercise promotes control of the breathing muscles and clears nasal passages.

There are also effective snoring aids available on the market, like mouth guards, chin patches, anti-snoring pillows and nasal strips.

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