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Snoring results out of obstructed breathing while sleeping. Everybody snores occasionally but if snoring is too loud it can interfere with quality of sleep of both affected person and his/her partner. In this article we will discover causes of snoring and learn how to put an end to it.

Causes of Snoring

Snore sound occurs due to narrowing of the airway that prevents smooth breathing during sleep. In general, reasons for this can be a sleeping position or excess nasal and throat tissue also called “floppy” tissue that is particularly susceptible to vibrating. Position of the tongue can also interfere with the air flow through the airways.

There are different causes of snoring and they can be classified into two groups - snoring caused by factors we can control and snoring caused by factors that are beyond our control.

Causes of snoring within our control

Cigarette smoking as well as passive smoking increases muscle relaxation and at the same time causes congestion of the airway and the lung.

In obese and overweight people, fatty tissue in the neck area hinders the air flow through the throat and leads to snoring.

Intake of alcohol and certain medications lead to relaxation of the tongue and throat and contribute to snoring.

Lying on the back narrows the airway and results in snoring.

Causes of snoring beyond our control

Aging can be one of the causes of snoring. Decrease in the muscle tone of the throat and narrowing of the throat passage occurs as a part of aging process.

Snoring may result from inherited physical abnormalities of the throat and other organs involved in breathing.

Gender also plays a role in snoring. Men are more prone to snoring comparing to women due to narrower nasal and throat passages.

Certain medical conditions can contribute to snoring as well. The most common ones are sinusitis, cold, asthma or allergies. They cause difficulty in breathing and snoring due to blocked airways.

Snoring RemediesThere are different lifestyle and dietary changes that can help with snoring. Losing weight is one of the best snoring remedies. Getting rid of excess weight helps to reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and improve the air flow while sleeping thus lessens snoring. It is also highly recommended to quit smoking as it will help to unblock the airways and decrease snoring.

As already mentioned, sleeping position contributes to snoring. Lying flat on the back causes obstruction of the air passages and prevents smooth breathing. Snoring caused by poor posture can be relieved by moving into a side-lying position. Head position can be changed by removing a pillow or using specially designed pillows for snorers.

Nasal passages must be cleared to improve inhalation and prevent snoring. This can be done with nasal decongestants or nasal strips. Finally, avoid sedatives, alcohol and heavy meals before bed time as these can aggravate snoring.

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