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Background essentials

Though it has a rather strange sound, the anti-snoring device has found wide application in people who, it can freely be said, have difficulties with dealing with snoring. As far as the devices are concerned, people have at their disposal those that are of fairly uncomplicated structure, all the way to those that are complex to a much greater extent. The above talked about devices can be found in various drug stores, and they can even be ordered by ways of regular and internet mail even, which contributes to their ever growing spread on the market and among the people who seek to battle off the unpleasant and unwanted companion called snoring.

Most effective devices revealed

The “Sandler” Pillow™ - this non-surgical in nature “accessory” is primarily employed with the aim to ameliorate and decrease the intensity of snoring, and it got its name after the person who designed it. How does it work? Well, this pillow aids a person in the way that it “forces” a person in question to sleep on the side, instead of taking up a regular position. This particular position is known to be quite effective, since by sleeping this way a person’s mouth is closed and that way moderate snoring does not occurThe Snore Ball – ever since it has been introduced to the general public, the “accessory” in question has come a long way and today we have at our disposal an advanced version of it. It is used as follows – a person experiencing problems with snoring places the ball on the back in the tiny bag placed on their pajamas, where it is to stay while that person sleeps through the night. Once, the person in question turns on his/her back and starts snoring, the ball, causing milder discomfort/pain, wakes them up and breaks up the snoring.Sleep Position Monitor – unlike the previous device, this electronic one does not induce discomfort and pain but it aims at achieving the same results. It functions according to the sound-beeping principle, i.e. each time a person changes the position and lies on the back and starts to snore, the device itself begins producing beeping sounds that wake the person up.Nasal Strips – are employed for the purpose of widening the nasal valve and thus open up airways significantly to the lungs and throat. The strips themselves are plastic, stick to the person’s nose well, and are used throughout the night.

Other extremely useful and effective anti-snoring devices include such as the nasal dilators, throat sprays and a device known as the Snore Stopper™.

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