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Wondering how to stop snoring?

Snoring is usually caused by narrowing of the airways. Partial obstruction of the airways is the cause of that annoying snoring sound many people make. Completely closed airways are known as the sleep apnea. Patients suffering from this disorder stop breathing in their sleep, so they really need to consult the doctor about their condition.

How to Resolve Snoring Quickly?

The best thing you can do for your snoring is to discover the root cause of the problem and try to solve it. Once you find out what is causing the problem, the treatment may need some time to start being effective. In the meantime you might try something to ease the situation. Keeping the throat open and controlling the positions you sleep are methods many people reported to work for them.

In order to keep your throat open don’t eat or drink anything which is known to narrow and relax your throat, especially not alcohol or pain killers. These substances, as well as some other drugs are well known to lead to relaxation of the muscles and they shouldn’t be used before bedtime.

Avoid sleeping on the back or with your head placed low, for these positions can cause snoring. Sometimes sawing a tennis ball to the back may help you to sleep on the side.

Helpful short term anti-snoring remedies are snoring devices. Think about snoring strips or some other devices which might help you too.

Long Term Snoring Remedies

Discovering the root cause of the airways narrowing is the best action for long term prevention of snoring. Overweight people are known to experience snoring because of the accumulation of fat and tissue, especially around their neck and throat. Your doctor might suggest losing some excess weight in order to stop the snoring. Even losing just 10 pounds might resolve your problem or at least make it bearable. Sometimes, people need to lose more weight in order to see some improvement in snoring, but doctors agree that this is very safe and effective way to fight against snoring.

However, there is no way someone very thin snoring because of the excess weight. In these people, snoring may be resolved by some throat exercises. Specialists designed these special exercises to strengthen the tissue and muscles present in your throat. This way, you won’t experience any more narrowing of the airways during the sleep and you won’t snore any more.

There are some cases, when people aren’t overweight and the throat exercises don’t help. In these patients, snoring might be resolved using some surgical procedure, but the final decision is up to your doctor.

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