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Snoring - General Info

Snoring is not considered serious medical condition. However, it still represents one of the most annoying sleep disorders. The person who is snoring is not even aware of the problem until he/ she spends the night with another person who will probably get no sleep at all. This is when people who are suffering from snoring actually become aware of the problem. Snoring results as a consequence of obstruction of the airway. It may only occur during infections of the upper respiratory tract when nasal congestion does not allow proper supply with air or it occurs due to certain anatomical abnormalities which interfere in normal passage of the air once the person gets into horizontal position. The most important thing is to determine and identify the exact cause of snoring and treat it. All the factors which may contribute to snoring must be identified as well and if possible eradicated.

Stop Snoring Surgery

Surgical treatment for snoring is actually a last hope for all people who have tried to deal with this condition but have failed.

Prior the surgery there are several rather efficient ways to stop snoring. One may benefit from elevating the pillow, maintaining a proper body weight, changing the sleeping side, or by clearing the nasal passages prior going to bed. Still these natural approaches simply do not work for all the people.

Anti snore surgery is only reserved for patients in whom snoring is caused by the presence of unusual amount of soft tissue which leads to obstruction of their airway. The goal of the surgery is to remove the loose tissue from the back of the throat, prevent falling of the tongue into the air passage during sleep or reshape the nasal passages. All in all, the goal is related to unblocking of the airway.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a type of stop snoring surgery in which the excess tissue of the uvula, tonsils or the soft palate is resected. This surgery results in enlargement of the air passage. The flaw of the procedure is that it causes severe pain and carries certain risks such as bleeding. And it may not be effective in all patients.

Another surgery for snoring is laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty. It is much cheaper and more effective comparing to the previously mentioned surgery. The laser is used to shorten the uvula and vaporize certain parts of the palate which consequently leads to enlarged airway. This surgery is performed in multiple sessions until desirable results are achieved.

And finally, radio frequency tissue ablation is another surgical procedure for patients suffering from snoring. It is performed to reduce the excess tissue in the soft palate. The advantage of this procedure is that it is the least painful and most successful comparing to other available procedures.

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