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Is there a way to create a scientific formula for a successful weight loss? Yes and no. The formula should be something adjustable for each obese person, because we are all different. Differences are in muscle to fat ratio, bone mass, body structure, water percentage etc. There are also things like self-awareness, self-confidence, being prepared for dealing with obesity, mental endurance (for a period of weight reduction process), etc. Because of all these things, only basic postulates can be created, not the formula.Weight, fat, life…

It is obvious that there are some things people would rather avoid in their lives and those are related to the period when they were overeating and eating tons of junk food. When people who lost a lot of weight were asked why they ate so much, there was never a straight answer but it was more or less always related to stress levels and to the need of eating more. What would be the scientific secret to weight loss? Some say the key is in the balance of nutrients. Successful weight loss must be based on eating all nutrients, but in a ratio that will activate the fat burning process and keep it active for as long as needed. Even though this seems simple, it is definitely not and reaching that certain ratio takes time, especially because it is different for each person.

Some scientists will say that insulin has a key role in the weight maintenance. This is a substance that allows sugar to enter the cells and be stored as fat tissue. Since obese people are constantly eating bad type of sugar, insulin is almost always produced and that is definitely not a good and healthy thing. So, people should eat food that will satisfy all the needs of the organism but that will not activate increased production of insulin.


For this to happen, healthy food must be taken, food that does not contain a lot of bad sugars, food rich in fiber, food that will be easy processed in stomach and intestines. Also, this food should be taken in small portions and as often as possible (5 or 6 times in a day). Of course, we are talking about vegetables and fruits mostly and there are also whole grains, cereals, healthy meat (poultry and fish), dairy products with low fat percentage etc. Lifestyle changes are needed for all of this to happen, but once it does happen, everything will be all right.

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