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What would be the prime ingredient for proper weight loss? In spite of what some people think, there is no miraculous formula for fast and comfortable weight loss. This means that a lot of effort, both mental and physical is needed for those excessive pounds to get off the body. So, what must be done actually?

Mind force

First of all, a person has to be psychologically prepared for all those changes that will occur in a dieting or exercising process. But most of all, eating habits have to be modified completely. This just might be the most important thing that has to be achieved when it comes to weight reduction. It is not easy to replace lying on sofa and eating some tasty snacks while watching favorite TV show with sweating and eating some veggies and fruits. When this happens, everything else will come much easier.


This is the most natural way of reducing extra fat tissue. Intensive workout is welcomed, but it is something that should not be done right away. In the beginning, all that is necessary is light physical activity, perhaps only increased walking pace and more distance covered in walking. This will be more than enough to increase the rate of basal metabolism and that will start fat burning. Of course, later on, tempo has to be intensified and some serious workout will be required, especially if a person is interested in muscle toning. Perhaps the best thing to do when it comes to exercising is a combination of cardio and muscle mass building workouts. Muscle mass building burns less calories but it is great for creating a strong and attractive body.


This does not have to include anything strict and rigorous, which means that healthy eating is all that is required - no overeating and no junk food. This might seem easy but actually, it might take a lot of mental strength to overcome those bad eating habits. If that is achieved, everything else will be easy. Fast diets should be avoided, or it could just be a start since major weight loss in the beginning will motivate a person to continue with weight reduction process. Healthy eating means having a lot of small portions in a day. It is also important that those portions contain only healthy food, but with enough of basic nutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) in a proper ratio. So, it is not bad to repeat again the prime ingredient for a proper weight loss – nothing but the brain power!

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