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What would be the best weight loss plan which willdefinitely eliminate extra pounds and keep them away for good? The answer tothis question cannot be given without analyzing what a certain diet offers,how it will affect a person, and of course, if a person is strong enough to keepup with the program.

The beginning

Is a total body detox as a prelude to a weight loss programa good option? Some would say that this is the best possible thing that can bedone by obese people because a lot of weight can be eliminated withdetoxification and cleansing (especially colon cleansing) and also, a personwill learn to eat small amounts of food, many times a day. Even though thisreally is a logical and smart thing, it is not performed easily, not at all.It might be very difficult to switch from overeating and eating junk food toeating nothing but veggies, fruits, cereals, small amounts of meat and fishetc. This is why many experts call dieting a battle of the mind. This is agood title because a person really needs a lot of determination and mentalstrength to defeat their own bad eating and other bad lifestyle habits.


Detoxification is an excellent choice for several reasons. Firstof all, the body will get rid of toxins that might harm the organism, or at leastdisrupt and slow down the functions of some of the systems. Also, if coloncleansing is included, it will redirect energy from the digestion tract to otherparts of the organism, thus making those parts function easier. Also, the diameter of the intestines will reduce and that directly reduces the size of the belly. Someweight will also be eliminated. People usually say that they feel a big surgeof energy once cleansing is done and they feel more dynamic and much lighter.

This condition is excellent for starting a diet, aweight loss program. With initial motivation created by detox process, dietingshould not be so difficult and people will handle it much better. It isrecommended to continue with a slower, healthy and balanced diet, which will notput a person into starvation but fat burning process will be continued.

Every good weight loss program must include exercising. Increasedphysical activity is an excellent contributor to elimination of extra fat tissueand it should be applied. No worries, it should not be anything exerting andstrenuous, just some light activity to burn some more calories and make aperson feel much, much better.

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