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Postpartum weight loss is a priority for many new mothers. After you have recovered from birth a bit and stopped bleeding usually six weeks after giving birth embracing exercise and changing eating habits will help you shed those pregnancy pounds safely. Everyone knows that what you eat is even more important than how much you consume.

Reducing the percentage of fat in your diet will help you on your journey... but staying away from high-fat foods can be hard. You may think reducing the fat in your diet is as simple as Nike's slogan: Just do it! But, in order to successfully cut fat from your diet, you will need to feel satisfied after meals and avoid being hungry. Otherwise, you will be more likely to reach for those high-fat, easy comfort foods. Here are some ways to reduce fat in your diet that may seem round-about to you.

But, they make sense.

Eat breakfast. Yep, it really does set you up for the day. You will need that energy to look after your baby! High-protein breakfasts are great to give you the fuel you require. Remember the advice on how to reduce morning sickness when you were still in your first trimester of pregnancy? Well, eating smaller meals more regularly works for dieting postpartum mothers too. Of course, these should be low-fat meals with plenty of fruit and veg. Making juices and smoothies boosts your vitamin intake and once again gives you energy. Have healthy, good quality snacks around all the time. This is especially important for breastfeeding mothers (also look at weight loss and breastfeeding) who are prone to eating when they're bored (that was me!). While you're nursing, you may be stuck in one place and feel like snacking. Carrots, nuts, cheese, and fresh fruits or fruit leathers are all healthy. Chew your food more carefully. Really!

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