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What would be the best weight loss programs? Some would say that there are really numerous forms of exercises that can be combined with diets and supplements for reaching the wanted goal. But is there one combination that can lead everyone to a success?

The answer

Answering these questions is not easy, but something might be said. First of all, why are there so many combinations of this and that? Simply put, we are all different, with different anatomies, hormonal levels, with different eating habits, with different food we eat, with different rate of basal metabolism, ratio of muscle and fat mass, etc. There are actually so many differences among us on a physical level, that there simply cannot be just one thing that works the same for all of us, and what is excellent for one might be far less effective for the other.

So, the answer to the question might be that the best weight loss program is the one that helps you the most. Discovering what that might be should include a detailed analysis. The mentioned muscle/fat ratio should be known, as well as eating habits, physical activity habits, etc. So, when we know that there are three things that we should do (reduce the intake of food, increase the physical strain and perhaps use supplements), we can say that it might be for the best to ask for help from a nutritionist, gym instructor and a doctor. A nutritionist should make a perfectly healthy menu (of course, he or she should know that some physical activity will be applied), a gym instructor will make a training schedule (with knowing that you are dieting) and at the end, a doctor will say if it is safe to use some supplements or not.

The solution

This might sound a bit complicated, but it is actually not. Visiting a doctor, talking to the instructor and nutritionist, well all that can be done in one day, and that is really not a lot of preparation time for such a serious regime. The problem with this best program is that it should not be strict. Nutritionist should offer many possibilities when it comes to meals, so that menu never becomes boring. This goes for exercises too, although situation here is a bit better which means that it is recommendable to change the exercising routine from time to time in order to activate all muscle groups in the organism.

As for the supplements, things like vitamins and energy sources will more or less be commonly used. But on the other side, the use of fat burners and muscle mass gainers should be controlled.

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