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Weight loss process might last for a couple of weeks, but itcan also last for a couple of months, depending on the chosen diet. There are twobasic forms of diets and one is a fast, fad diet, which should help a person in question eliminate alot of pounds in a matter of weeks. There is also a longer version, withhealthy and controlled eating, but it may last for months, or more precisely, as long as it isneeded.

As for exercising, it should be based on cardio workout because this type of workout uses low strength level so that exercising can be done for a longtime, which is what burns more energy than other variants of workout. Thisis even more emphasized because cardio workout includes exercises that activate the entire body. In this way, many muscles are engaged in the exercise,thus requiring more energy. Although muscle mass building also requires energy because the motions are explosive and fast (for weight lifting), this exercisebelongs to anaerobic type without the presence of oxygen, which tires themuscles fast. Shorter performance means less energy spent in the process.

Advice for beginners

What would be some ‘basic’ tips for weight loss?

Let’ssay that it is essential to create good weight loss plan, something complementingcurrent condition of an obese person. This just might be the most importantthing because it will create the optimal fat burning process and melt awayexcessive pounds, with strengthening the muscles along the way.People should also know that having a strong and attractive bodycannot be done overnight and that a lot of effort, sacrifice and time areneeded before anything starts to happen.Always ask for help, there is no shame in it. It would be embarrassingto fail in the process without even asking for someone for help. That someonecan be family, friend, a colleague, someone who has similar problems etc.

Losing weight

A person has to motivate him or herself a lot when theprocess begins. It is not easy to change lifestyle in a matter of days, butsometimes this has to be done in order for people to really begin thinkingabout their problem. It is said that the biggest battle when it comes toreducing weight will rage in the mind of an obese person. Only that person candecide who the winner will be and whether health status of the organism will beregained.

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