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It seems that dieting has become a trendy thing, something that people try out just because it is something new and interesting. This means that each year there is some new diet that claims it can reduce the weight in a matter of days. Of all those diets, there are but few that have remained and are still used. One of those is a master cleanse detox diet. What lies behind the master cleanse recipe – behind the detox diet?

Fast and furious

That is how this and similar diets can be described. These diets are based on a very low intake of carbohydrates and fats, which induces fat burning process. Since the difference between energy values taken by food and spent for body functions is very high, fat burning process is very intensive and a lot of weight can be eliminated in a short time. This is a positive thing, of course, but only on surface. It is important to say that besides fat, proteins and water are eliminated and that might not be such a good and healthy thing. There is also a possibility of production of certain side products that might disrupt the functions of certain systems in the organism. This is why master cleanse diet should not last for more than 10 days, 14 days at maximum. Longer than this is simply not recommendable.

Behind the curtain

Master cleanse recipe is based on a liquid meal, which consists of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lime juice all mixed with water. Each of these ingredients has a certain role in this detox diet. As for cayenne pepper, it is something that helps with elimination of hunger. Hunger is definitely one of the biggest problems that people have to deal with while dieting, especially if a fast diet is used. Thanks to capsaicin and its role in the digestion process, hunger is no longer a problem. Lemon juice is all about vitamin C and that is why this juice should be homemade, if possible. This is the only way to ensure that lemon juice is not made of some lemon concentrate syrup where amount of vitamin C is set at minimum. Maple syrup is responsible for the presence of B vitamins and also for nutrition. Water is an overall excellent instrument for speeding up the digestion process and for elimination of hunger.

As addition to this detox diet, people use a tea for cleansing and detoxification, which has to contain some cleansing element, usually Senna.

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