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It is really interesting how the many different methods fordealing with excessive weight exist. So many diets, types of workout andsupplements are used in battling one of the oldest medical enemies of us humans –the obesity. It was present from the dawn of man and hopefully, it will beeliminated in the near future. The main problem with obesity is discoveringthe true enemy. It is not obesity of course, it is us, or more precisely our mind, defiled withdesires to eat sweet, to enjoy it while watching TV, chatting on the Internet,or in a restaurant, on the street, with friends or when solo. The only thingthat eating actually is doing for us is helping us run away from our other problems, the ones that we cannot defeat.

So, where does it leave us? With excessive weight that we say wedo not care about, while the situation is completely different. We feelmiserably because we have more pounds than needed, and we treat that miserywith more food! What an interesting choice of weapon, indeed.


Anyway, since most of us simply cannot afford time for goingto a gym, nor do they have enough space at home for some serious workout, all thatis left are diets. Even though many doctors say that physical activity is the bestthing that can deal with the obesity problem, the diet is what might actually help.Even though usually those lost pounds in dieting return after a while, thosemoments with lost pounds can clearly show us that defeating obesity is possibleand that the only thing needed is finding the proper tools.

Master cleanse

Master cleanse is one of the diets that can help us lose alot of weight in a very short time. This is done with completely changing theeating habits, with turning from solid to liquid food. It might seemimpossible, especially for those who are deeply into meat, bread and cakes,but once tried and after the results show, it will be obvious that this diethelps. It is all about the use of liquids that contain lemon juice, maplesyrup, cayenne pepper and filtered water. It might look like this diet willlead to malnutrition, but if prepared properly, there will be enough nutrientsfor a normal functioning with the exception of carbohydrates and fats, whichneed to be reduced in order for fat burning process to start. As for the mastercleanse dangers, if one would not be preparing the meals properly, that might leadto hunger, which can be a problem for a dieting process. Also, master cleanseshould not be done for more than 10 days, two weeks maximum. This is acleansing diet, pounds will be lost, but the body needs the reduced nutrients, because without them, all sort of medical issues might emerge.

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