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Lemon Juice

In the following text, we will explain how the lemon juice cleanse is working and steps for preparing the lemon juice. This dietary program was invented during the early 1940's and it became popular with the help from Peter Glickman. This dietary program, also known as master cleanse, is used for treating the ulcers, detoxification and reduction of weight.

The Cleanse

The cravings for drugs, tobacco, alcohol and similar can be removed with the help of the lemon juice. This detoxification is one of the main objectives of lemon juice. Eating solid food is of the menu during the master cleanse program, which lasts no less then ten days. Sometimes the diet can take up to 90 days. The body is affected by chemicals, oxidative stress, pollutants and factors like flavorings. The use of lemon juice can bring up some problem like, irritation, bowel movements, sore teeth, hunger, lethargy and headache. The lemon juice will reduce the workload of the liver and also remove the free radicals from this organ.

The Recipe for Lemon Juice

We will list the ingredients needed for this cleansing program and steps for accomplishing it. The lemon juice used in this program resembles lemonade. For the preparation, you need two tablespoons of maple syrup and lime juice, pinch of cayenne pepper and from 10 to 14 oz. of water. In order to prepare the lemon juice, take a 10 oz. glass and put items in the following order. Put the lime juice first, and then add maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Use lukewarm and pure water, while the maple syrup should be organic. The procedure is ended by stirring and mixing the juice. We have said that diet should last from 10 to 90 days during which 6 to 12 glasses of juice need to be taken daily. The elimination of toxins is made easy since the solid food is eliminated from the diet. This can make the benefits visible after 3 to 4 weeks of diet. The removal of the toxins will begin during the first or second week of the program. Remember that frequent visit to the bathrooms are expected during this diet.

Benefits of Lemon Juice Cleanse

The results will be quickly visible. The elimination of harmful items will bring reduction of pores and cleaner skin. The toxins can create joint pain and inflammation of the tissue, so lemon juice diet can eliminate these problems. The diet will bring better functioning of the brain and reduction of body fluids path. Also, the memory may be improved. We have given you a way to reduce the body weight and eliminate the toxins from your body, but remember to consult a doctor before you give it a try, since this is a more rigorous diet.

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