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What is the main point of cleansing diets? Some say that people like to use these diets because they simply feel rejuvenated, which something that cannot be achieved with a regular diet. One of the more popular diets is a master cleanse lemonade diet. Partially, it is popular thanks to some celebrities who used it (including Beyonce), but also because it does have some positive effects on the body. So, what are the master cleanse lemonade diet FAQ's?

The good

First of all, many people who used this master cleanse lemonade diet claim they felt a surge of energy in the period of dieting. This happens because of the elimination of waste material from the intestines, especially the colon, which means that certain amount of energy is needed for maintaining the processes that take place in the digestive tract when it is filled with food. With food and its later form – waste material gone, there is increase of energy, which can be used for some other system in the organism. Also, emptying the digestive tract will reduce some weight and that also makes people feel more energetic.

One of the most important things a cleansing does is elimination of the source of bacteria and toxins. This is very important for the health although colon is supposed to contain those substances not allowing them breach into other parts of the body.

Weight reduction – this is an expected thing that should happen with each diet. The problem with this diet is that the lost pounds are based not only on the excessive fat tissue, but also on water and proteins. This means that, once a diet is over, there might be problems with maintaining the new weight, because people start eating normally again. Another good thing regarding the dieting and cleansing is reduction of the diameter of the belly because the diameter of the intestines reduces immediately after a cleansing procedure.

The bad

As already mentioned, a person must be very strong minded in order to keep the reduced weight after master cleanse lemonade diet is over. Also, some people simply cannot get used to a liquid diet like this. It includes cayenne pepper, lemon or lime juice, maple syrup and water, and there is also a cleansing tea usually taken in the evening for the most effective functioning. This diet is not 100% healthy, no matter what people say. This is why it should not last longer than 2 weeks, more than that would be harmful for the organism.

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