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Worldwide Recognition
This particular type of a detox diet has soon become one of the most frequently employed diets around the world and the one to get worldwide recognition in a record time. The reasons behind this are already proved incredible effects when cleansing the body from toxicity is concerned, both on the inside, as well as on the outside. This particular diet also goes by the name of “Master Cleanse Diet”, as well as “Neera Super Cleanse”, and it was first made public thirty years ago because of its potentials to cleanse the body from toxic substances and compounds. Another use is in warding off the excessive weight. Despite the fact that there is, presently, quite a number of such diets, this detox diet has earned a top spot simply because it has shown a 95% effect.
Given its name, we can all guess what the main ingredient the entire diet evolves around is. Of course, it is lemon or its more liquidish form the lemon water. Among other essential ingredients we find such as maple syrup (organic), water and cayenne pepper. In case you lack maple syrup, do not worry because instead of it, you can add up natural tree syrup, and ginger root instead of a cayenne pepper. Another essential is some variety of a natural laxative such as herbal tea or a bit of salt water.
The Recipe
In order to turn all those ingredients into a full fledged diet, first you need to acquire fresh squeezed juice of a lemon (quantity: 2 tablespoons), then get yourself maple or, as stated above, natural tree syrup and one half pinch of cayenne pepper, i.e. half a teaspoon of ginger root/ginger powder. Once this acquired, all of the above should be mixed together with no less than 250 ml of water (room-temperature warm) and stirred well. After this, you are set for a change, perhaps of your lifetime. However, a recommendation for all those people who decide to follow this type of detox diet is to include some other natural laxative, and do it once per day minimum. The reason for this is that the bowel movements need to be previously stimulated somehow. The diet in the question works according to the following principle – it performs the function of a powerful digestive tracts and colon cleanser, enabling the body to get rid of all those piles of toxins that hinder its proper functioning. This is accomplished by the effect of each of the constituents of this diet separately.

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