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The Power of Intent

All human beings have a certain intent. This is very close to motivation. For example, the two major types of intents are the one which is bound to lead a person towards self-advancement and constant progress, willing to learn new things and being open to new experiences, and the second one is staying in a closed status quo, with nothing new in your life, gradually decomposing, having an unconscious intent to do so. Therefore, intent plays a crucial part in our personalities and life in general, being a strong guidance of our own inner “I”.

The Intent and Its Direction

We, as human beings, are born into a world which has already been molded to “perfection” which is far from perfect. So, during our childhood, we develop into a person who is taught how to deal with life in a way which is more or less typical for other members of the human race. Therefore, when we finish education, learning only about certain kinds of things and neglecting everything else, we are to find jobs which will usually be monotonous and not to our liking, get married to whomever, only to satisfy the social norms and give birth to children who will repeat the endless cycle. All this is lead by the intent to control. We restrain ourselves from exploring the world further and finding all the hidden joys which are all around us. This does not mean to lead a hedonistic life or something similar. Rather, this means not to take everything around you for granted and not to believe every word you have been taught. Especially, this means to stay away from our “normal” sources of addiction like TV, the Internet, excessive food, drug or alcohol consumption, gambling, shopping, work etc.

Anxiety usually triggers this kind of life. Having an intent to control your life completely and mold it into a socially acceptable one is the wrong thing to do. Usually, then, you will neglect love and happiness, choosing envy, vanity, conservative behavior and acting over the true intent boiling inside you, suppressed forever.

How To Get Out of the Negative Intent?

Start by changing your intent to a more positive one. Motivate yourself towards self-advancement. This world has plenty of things to learn. The most positive things nowadays are advancement which is reflected through monetary or military power. It takes no genius to realize that this can hardly be right. Therefore, let the intent of being better than the rest guide you to more information, more knowledge and more love towards those who deserve your affection. Be a more positive person and do not let the daily grind get the best of you. Constantly remind yourself that you are the most important person in your life, being a caring, loving and healthy individual, no matter what the rest tell you to be.

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