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You Don't Know Yourself

Many of us are probably proud ofthemselves, since they are considered to be rational, careful andcalculating all the time, leaving nothing to a chance. The world is fullof this kind of people and they usually pride themselves on theircharacteristics too. However, not always is a person capable ofwithstanding all the pressure this way of life can bring. Life, ingeneral, is too chaotic in order to be planned ahead and sometimes wecan simply find ourselves lost, even though we claim that this is notpossible.

For example, there are people who candeal with the overall decay of the human kind into the money-hungrymob by simply blending in, not feeling estranged or anything similar.However, all of these people are actually hiding their emotionalvulnerability. We all have things or people we cherish and holdclose, loving them with all of our hearts. Situations where we couldlose these objects of our love, whether they are partners, friends orfamily, are capable of bringing out the part of us we are not evenaware of.

Death of a dear person can lead anobviously careless man to an outburst of tears and an utter lack ofself control. The same way, those who are usually positive an arelaughing all the time may experience terrible things in life whichcan change them completely. Our emotional side can take over ourrational one as soon as we stop looking.

Know the Real You

Since we are beings prone to changesand the real “us” is almost always concealed beneath the imageof a socially desired person expressing a limited set of emotions,few of us are truly acquainted with the whole specter of our ownselves. It takes a shock like some of the previously mentioned ones towake us up and make us taste the bitterness of our delusions.

So, make sure you let the emotional andsensitive person out occasionally. Sure, being tough and rational canhelp you as a defense mechanism against all the dangerous individualsout there. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, you will want to behappy. All in all, your family and loved ones deserve to know theentire you. Thus, do not keep yourself in the closet, with all thebeautiful traits locked away. You will be sorry sooner or later.

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