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Past Can Cure the Present

Even though we rarely consider alternative medicine seriously, there are aspects of it which can be more than helpful. Hypnosis is a branch with history, which has shown numerous advancements so far, being incredibly helpful for treating various disorders.

One of the most innovative things, when it comes to hypnosis, is using past lives in order to treat people who seem not to be managing well with their current reality and daily living. Namely, there is a reincarnation theory as old as human perception of life it. Basically, it is thought that we have all lived our lives through history, differently and uniquely, only to start again sometime after we die. Also, the information about these parts of our lives is hidden deeply into our brain. Thus, with the right stimulation, the hypnotist can make us revisit our previous lives and manage to change our perception of the current one and itsproblems.

All in all, using past lives as a therapy can be very useful and effective. So, if you think that you need a different outlook on the world, and believe that your world itself seems to be getting out of hand, perhaps getting in touch with the previous “you” can prove to be more than effective and help you find the missing pieces of your personality, which can make all your life problems disappear.

True or Not

Many people doubt this kind of therapy and consider it false since they do not believe in past lives and all the theories behind it. However, this is not solely about the obscure craft of hypnosis used for this kind of mental “teleportation”. Rather, regardless if the revisiting is true or not, one can find his/her fictional self who is only a fruit of this person's imagination, and still be able to solve some personal issues this way and manage to lead a normal life later. Thus, it is not about facts, it is about the effectiveness. However, even people who do not believe in these things may experience a revisit of past lives through hypnosis.

Finally, a remarkable thing about this kind of hypnosis is that it can take place over the phone since the only thing you need is the therapist's voice in order to get you in a state of mind where you might relive your past experiences and learn more about this “historical” side of you, seeking advice which can be used for the problems of the present.

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