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The Blame Game

From the very moment we are born, weare exposed to various negative factors the human society surroundsus with. Thus, we are born into the monetary system which brings outthe worst in people making every day of our life a battle for profit.Furthermore, our parents teach us how to live even though theythemselves have hardly perfected this action. In school, we are boundto be ridiculed by some children for some trivial reasons. We willface many disappointments in our lives, especially when we startworking and providing for a family of our own. However, this is life,on a global scale.

Therefore, you cannot spend your daysin negativity, blaming every single one of these factors for your ownmisfortune or the wrong choices you have made. Rather, you are tostop for a second and think. Know that the only person to blame isyou. The world is imperfect and prone to mistakes. You are the same.Thus, you need the accountability necessary for admitting thesemistakes, letting the past be the past, and moving on, being a betterperson and never repeating the mistakes again.

Enjoy the Ride

Instead of spending time feelingmiserable or blaming others for the misfortunes you have allowed tohappen to yourself, you may consider changing certain things aboutyour lifestyle and learning how to make better choices in the future.

Always have a vision of your perfectlife. Keep it deep inside your mind, being at hand whenever you wantto revoke it. Boost yourself with all the ambition necessary foraccomplishing this desire and making it reality, sooner or later.

Yet, in order to make your desiresreal, you need realistic goals. So, do not be afraid to set them andstay aware of them at all times. Write down your desires as if theywere already accomplished, allowing yourself to experience thepositive feelings of success you are supposed to make your own oneday.

Be prepared to make chains of eventsleading to your success in life. For example, if you are havingproblems with your car, being old and broken, you need a good, newone. However, before this can happen, you need a better job. Also,before this can happen you need further education, perfecting yourknowledge in certain fields. Envision this chain and follow it untilyou reach success.

Avoid negativity in your planning.Namely, instead of focusing on your wants and needs, feelingmiserable since you lack all the things you want, think about them asif you already have them. Give yourself reasonable deadlines foraccomplishing your goals and stay motivated. Know exactly what youwant and how to get it. Have the whole image of the final product ofyour efforts engraved in your mind.

Finally, go one step at a time andnever give up. You will achieve all you desires sooner than you haveever expected.

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